I Like This Barn

Barn in Snow
Old Wooden Barn

I don’t remember if there was a house standing on this place the first time I saw this barn; a stem-wall outlines the location.  That was over 50 years ago, and the best my memory will serve, I don’t believe there was.  That’s a long time for a farmhouse to be gone, even for Oklahoma.  Most rotted away within the last fifty years, not the first fifty since settlers settled on this plot of prairie.  This barn still stands though, a testimony to the fact barns are more useful than houses out here.  Even so, there aren’t many of the old wooden barns around anymore.  They aren’t used for storing hay, feed, shelter for livestock, or the imagination of children acting out adventures in imaginary lands:  all replaced by round bales, metal equipment sheds, grocery stores, and video games.

I like this barn.  There’s no telling when it last sheltered anything more than an owl and an assortment of rodents and vermin.  I like this barn.  It’s defined its own purpose.  Hmm, I like this barn.