About Seth

13-week old Vizsla male.
Seth at 13 weeks.

Seth is almost 14 weeks old. I’d say he’s could be about 16″ tall—This is just a guess—He won’t be still or keep his teeth off me long enough to actually measure. He’s a gift from my cousin who owns and operates the Okie Dokie Kennel at the intersection of I-44 and SH-70 in Oklahoma. (I need to throw in a plug to say, “Thanks”, for his very generous gift.) Oh, by the way, He raises Vizslas. Seth is a 14-week old Viszla with hypodermic needle-sharp puppy teeth. I have wounds on both hands, arms, and one from this morning’s run in the park just above my right ankle. He clamped down and continued to clamp harder as I refused to acknowledge his effort to get me to stop and kept on walking, pulling him along behind. Okay, so now you’re up to the present, well sort of, so this is enough for today. The next several posts will be all about Seth. I hope this sparked some level of interest and you’ll return to find out all about who Seth is and how much he is teaching me about myself.

Carl Ray

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