On clear nights the stars are always incredible at Sandy Sanders WMA!  Somewhere around nine o’clock one night and before I got ready to cozy up in my sleeping bag, I ventured into the cold night air to admire the sparkling stars under a moonless and black dome.  I was not disappointed.  Even though January in Oklahoma is not the most favorable season to view the Milky Way, it could be seen faintly stretching northwest to southeast over my campsite.  In fact the best view was behind my tent toward the northwest.  It was very cold but the air was perfectly still.  (On still nights Sandy Sanders can be sort of creepy because it’s so eerily quiet.  The silence is broken only by the occasional coyote yelp.)  Because my camera gear was locked inside my FJ, I knew condensation would not be a problem.  I gathered my gear and set up to take a shot.  A UCO candle lantern was burning and hanging from the top of the Big House Four tent from a loop creating a really nice yellow glow that helped to illuminate the rest of the campsite.  Even though the Milky Way was faint, I still like the picture enough to use it as the background image of the menu on my blog.  The two glows are the horizon are from Texola and Erick, small communities located 25 and 15 miles away as the crow flies.

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