Off-Road Trailer Shopping

Salvaged Parts, Roosevelt, OK
Off-Road Trailer Potential?

For quite a while I’ve been wanting an off-road trailer.  An off-road trailer, for me, is a trailer large enough to hold all my essential camping gear so I won’t have to load my 2013 Army Green FJ Cruiser to the hilt.  An FJ has 67 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded.  I’m looking for a trailer with 60 cubic feet capacity, or close to it; my photography and personal gear will still be loaded in FJ.  I’m not a rock-crawling enthusiast and won’t be doing any of that, but I do want to be able to go up-and-down anything defined as a “Trail Open to All” or a “Road Open to All”.  I want FJ to be able to get “there” and “back” and I want a trailer that follows like a shadow.

If money was no object, but it is, I’d have already ordered Schutt Industry’s “Xventure” in Toyota Army Green and been done.  Right now, this is a lot over my budget at $12,000 plus.  Another caveat is that the interior height of the bed is 18”.  That’s the absolute minimum clearance I have to have; I’d prefer 20” plus.  Another great option is the Adventure Trailers “Horizon”.  It’s interior bed height is 30”, more than adequate for my needs.  The only physical issue I have with this trailer is the lip I’d have to lift things to get over and into the bed when the tailgate is down.  I’m sixty-four and have a few boxes that are pretty heavy for me to lift anymore.  Lifting them onto a tailgate and then pushing them into the bed is not near as difficult as lifting them onto the tailgate and then assuming a less than idea position for lifting weight in order to lift them over the lip and into the bed.  I’m pretty sure this would lead to extra visits to my chiropractor, Dr. Rose and eventually further consultation with Dr. Brandon for treatment of L3 nerve root radiculopothy.

Below is a list of two off-road trailer reviews and below those are links to off-road trailer manufacturers.


Links to Manufacturers:

All in all, I’m having a difficult time finding a trailer that meets my needs/wants and also fits my pocketbook.  Toward that end, recently I was passing through Roosevelt, a very small town in western Oklahoma, now known for its salvage yards.  I noticed a lot alongside State Hwy 183, a lot filled to overflowing with salvaged pickup beds (see photo).  Almost all were without, tailgates, axles, lights and lenses.  Most were in very good condition, otherwise.  I’m wondering to myself it it would be worthwhile to acquire one, and have my own off-road trailer built using one of these for the bed?  I’m not able to build the chassis myself so I wonder if I’d save any money, or not?  I’m also wondering what I’d have as far a looks go when it’s finished?

I welcome all comments and ideas.  Please comment if you have any good thoughts and/or suggestions.