Fresh Start

Sunrise behind Mt. Scott
Longhorn cattle graze as sun rises over Mt. Scott.

I went camping this past weekend.  I needed to get away from people, get closer to myself and nature, and reconnect with my photography.  The part about getting closer to nature and reconnecting with my photography was true enough, but getting away from people was anything but that!  I think everyone who owned, or could borrow, a tent had the same idea and showed up at the same campground.  Heck, some didn’t even have a tent.  They slept in their car.  It reminded me of camping at Catfish Bay, Lake Texoma over 40 years ago:  leaving an overcrowded urban trailer park to stay in an even more overcrowded tent city.  It was fun back then;  it ain’t today!  So my intention for a weekend of gritting my teeth through the pain in solitude while pursuing a great photograph was blown first rattle out of the box.

I still had the gritting and gnashing of teeth in response to pain, but I also had the irritation of people to deal with:  people who don’t even bring a flashlight to camp, people who use charcoal lighter fluid to start a campfire, people who bring large screen TVs to keep their kids occupied, and a divorced dad trying to impress their kid and wind up being a total jerk.  However, I was determined to put myself in the right place at the right time for the best opportunity to make a good image.  Since I barely slept a wink, waiting for sunrise was not big deal, and after spending the afternoon observing the loonies around camp, it was real easy to leave camp early enough to be set up for sunset.  All I really wanted was GOD to paint the sky in magic.

2 thoughts on “Fresh Start”

  1. If traditional medicine can’t stop the pain, there’s herbal medicine. A high plant diet is key. Plants seem to defeat inflammation in the tendons. All the great runners are vegetarians. My tendons respond well to grape tomatoes, lettuce, & italian dressing. Achieving a healthy body mass is also required, which is much easier with a high plant diet with minimal sugar but some fat.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions! Can you recommend a good resource guide on the internet as a place for me to start gathering information, or do I just need to begin eating more veggies? I do have to admit that don’t eat near as many fresh vegetables as I should. I live by myself and when I prepare meals, I tend to go for the simplest and quickest dishes. It’s also hard to cook for one without eating leftovers all the time.

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