Sandy Sanders WMA Camping

I arrived at my campsite about 4:00 PM.  It’s now 7:00, and I’m in the tent.  There was no time or opportunity for photographs this evening.  I did take a moment to walk the very short distance to the edge of the canyon to watch the closing moments of the sunset.  My camp is all set up and ready for action.  My tent is just the right size for me:  Big House 4 by Big Agnes.  I have a cot, a table, a chair, a Portable Buddy propane heater, and many more amenities that make it comfortable.  I’m writing this by the light of my candle lantern.  It’s hanging from a loop on the roof of my tent.  It’s not bright but it lights up the entire tent.  I brought the store of food into the tent tonight.  There are no bears and since there was no time to cook supper, I plan on snacking tonight before going to bed.  5:30 AM is going to come early and it will be cold and dark.

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    1. Hi. I camp at a site pretty much in the center of the WMA. From their yelps, I’ve been able to pick out at least two, and maybe three packs: north, east, and southwest of camp.

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