Some Things Change and Some Things Don’t

Seasons Change
Seasons Change and Buffalo Roam

Change Is In the Air

Seasons change.  Leaves appear on the trees and buffalo roam across pastures grazing on the fresh, sweet, green grass of spring.

Change has been my middle-name over the past several years:  both knees and a hip totally replaced and a shoulder awaiting it’s turn, a marriage that lasted forty years ended, a 27 year professional career turned upside-down and inside-out,  retirement, and for the first time in my life, living alone.  Seasons change.  The climate changes, slowly.  The weather changes, sometimes hourly.  Governments change, sometimes quicker than the weather.  Some mountains are growing, others are weathering away.  Landfills of garbage are becoming mountains.  Wilderness areas are shrinking.  America is changing.  Society is changing.  Culture is changing.  Change!  Change!  Change!  It’s happening all around us at ever increasing, spinning, dizzying speeds!  “Stop the world, I want to get off!”  Is there anything that doesn’t change?  Yes, Clara, yes there is!

GOD doesn’t change.  Jesus Christ doesn’t change.  The Holy Spirit doesn’t change.  It’s a fact.  It’s true.  Believe it.  He’s still where he’s always been.  He’s not lost.  He’s right where you left him.  Take his hand, it’ll be okay.  He won’t change on you.  He’s GOD!

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