Just Getting Started, It Seems

Okay, so I went to my physician and explained my aches and pains.  He thought it sounded like sciatica and gave me a shot in the spot I identified as most painful.  That was on a Monday.  For the next couple days I thought the “shot” was the panacea for all that ailed me.  Then on Thursday, some tell-tale sensations started me thinking, “Maybe not”.  By Friday, I was taking Tramadol again for pain; The weekend was back to “horrible as usual”!  By Sunday evening I was ready to try anything.  After consulting my “most trusted authority”, I began thinking seriously about inflammation as the most likely cause of the pain.  I had reached the point I was willing to do almost anything to ease the pain even at the risk of serious side effects.

Sunday evening I took four 200mg ibuprofen tablets (800mg).  On Monday I began a regimen of taking three 200mg ibuprofen tablets, three times a day.  By Monday afternoon I was pain-free and remained that way until Friday when I cut back to one tablet three times a day; The pain began to return until I was convinced it was going to take higher doses than that.  I returned to taking three at a time and the pain left again.  I have not needed to supplement the ibuprofen with Tramadol.

I know this is risky and I don’t plan on doing this long-term.  Of course, I admit that long-term may be relative, but I am considering safer and permanent solutions as well.  I’m trying to find out how to proceed to identify the source of the inflammation and pursue a course that brings healing at that point.  I don’t have a lot of confidence in allowing my personal physician to direct this pursuit but I don’t know what sort of physician I should seek out, first.