Thoughts on this Easter Sunday

This morning I watched a program on OETA about the individual childhood lives of Ruth Bell and Billy Graham.  The story went on to tell how they met, married, and lived as a couple, as parents, and as crusaders for Jesus Christ.  At the end of the show, I switched the channel and was reminded by the Pope, during Easter Mass, of the recent murder of 147 young people, in Kenya, because of their faith in Jesus Christ at the hands of followers of another faith.  I flipped the channel again to hear a news report that, in the USA, we will spend 2.2 billion dollars on Easter candy this year.  I tuned the remote to another channel where I watched a news report and video of a group of people, somewhere in the USA, carrying signs and posters protesting religious rights in the USA:  a country founded on the free exercise of religion and not the right to be free from religion.

I can’t help but wonder what this all means.

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