A Purpose?

Is there a purpose? Has anyone ever lived who has not asked that question? Haven’t you? I won’t even try to guess how many times I’ve asked the question or how many hours I’ve pondered and worried on it. Is it that difficult a question to answer? It doesn’t have to be. The answer: any quest for personal purpose or meaning is vanity. Solomon says it very well when he says, “Everything is meaningless, completely meaningless!” Does that depress you? Am I depressed? “Oh no, not at all.”

My life, as a Christian, was the pursuit of what I understood to be acceptable and of value. Yet after many years, I did not feel accepted or valued. Circumstances late in life led to me realize all those years were spent in pursuit of things society accepted and valued. For what purpose? To achieve what end? “Huh?” Then, as Solomon did, I came to the better understanding. It was all a lie. What society appreciates and values is all vanity. Well, what is the truth, then? The truth is…I always knew what the Truth was but ignored it. The Truth is this, I had been bought and paid for and I didn’t belong to me anymore. I stood on the block with a very high price tag attached. My owner really wanted me, badly. He didn’t bargain. He paid the full price. He must’ve placed a very high value on me! What I didn’t understand, was that my new Master offered me freedom. I chose to continue wearing the chains but to try living like a Christian. What a bummer!! What I realize now, is that His freedom has always been available from that moment of grace forward. All I had to do was accept it and step out of the unlocked chains and into freedom. I finally stepped. I’m a slave to Jesus Christ’s purpose only. It’s that simple. Really…it’s that simple!

Carl Ray

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