“Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation”

Father the CAEP controls the preparation of the teachers who teach children in grades K–12 throughout the United States. Though not part of the NEA, it is an affiliate, a partner. The CAEP is not, by any stretch, an autonomous organization. Lord, right now the CAEP does not project your worldview about equity, diversity, and inclusion. Its worldview is based on New Age spiritualism and Communist totalitarianism. Its goal is for colleges and universities to produce teachers who indoctrinate children in ways that will eventually result in the transformation of America into a Communist collective. The CAEP’s policy, procedure, and practice indicate this.

Father, the NEA’s take on diversity, equity, and inclusion is Satan’s counterfeit attempt to establish a moral base for his evil schemes. In reality it’s creating racial division, distancing children from their parents, and affecting the mental and physical well-being of kids. Unfortunately, he’s able to do this because your Church has withdrawn from education, healthcare, home missions, and public debate—501c3 might have something to do with that.

Lord, I’m sure the large majority of people who work for the CAEP do not see it this way. I’m certain they believe in what they are doing. They believe this is a good thing—something that is good for children. They have been blinded and deceived. Also, I’m sure you have people who belong to you. They may be aware of Satan’s scheme but they need the job so badly and maybe they don’t know what else they can do.

Father, I pray that you will open the minds and hearts of good people to see and understand the larger picture and future implications. I pray you would provide an avenue of escape for those who want separate themselves from the CAEP. I pray you would provide a means to resist and seek changes that would provide equal educational opportunities for all children without lowering the standards of excellence. To do this by eliminating the politics of personal ambition and focusing on providing the best education available anywhere in the world.

In Jesus name, I pray.


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