Hello. I hope you’re well—I’m well myself, thank you. It was raining when I woke up this morning. The alarm on my cell sounded at 5:30 am.—That’s my daily get-up time. Before my eyes opened, I said, “Good morning, God. Thank you my Lord Jesus.” I rolled my legs over the edge of the bed… Continue reading Hello

Our Shepherd

My Friend Jeanie, During this morning’s time with Jesus, one of the devotionals I use, included a single verse from Psalm 23. After this special time was over, my reflecting on Psalm 23 continued. Memories and thoughts began to connect: sermons I’d heard, things I’d read, ideas revealed, and lessons learned. I wish to share… Continue reading Our Shepherd

Life’s Complicated

My Friend Jeanie,America is a prosperous nation. America is “a consumer society”. The idea of a “consumer society” is that our prosperity is used to purchase “goods for recreation, for creature comforts, for self-esteem, for social standing, for the country’s prosperity, and in general for Americans’ access to affluence.”1 No one can serve two masters.… Continue reading Life’s Complicated