In My Presence

Seth has a dirty nose.

Seth wants to be with me all the time. To be the companion I desire, Seth needs to be with me all the time. Right now that’s not happening. We are together a very small percentage of time each day; perhaps no more than 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. Why is that? He… Continue reading In My Presence

About Seth

Seth at 13 weeks.

Seth is almost 14 weeks old. I’d say he’s could be about 16″ tall—This is just a guess—He won’t be still or keep his teeth off me long enough to actually measure. He’s a gift from my cousin who owns and operates the Okie Dokie Kennel at the intersection of I-44 and SH-70 in Oklahoma.… Continue reading About Seth

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Our Shepherd

My Friend Jeanie, During this morning’s time with Jesus, one of the devotionals I use, included a single verse from Psalm 23. After this special time was over, my reflecting on Psalm 23 continued. Memories and thoughts began to connect: sermons I’d heard, things I’d read, ideas revealed, and lessons learned. I wish to share… Continue reading Our Shepherd

Life’s Complicated

My Friend Jeanie,America is a prosperous nation. America is “a consumer society”. The idea of a “consumer society” is that our prosperity is used to purchase “goods for recreation, for creature comforts, for self-esteem, for social standing, for the country’s prosperity, and in general for Americans’ access to affluence.”1 No one can serve two masters.… Continue reading Life’s Complicated