If You

If you are a carpenter, you build things.
If you are a plumber, you plumb things.
If you are a teacher, you teach.
If you are a preacher, you preach.
If you are a governor, you govern.
If you want to be governed, welcome to the U.S.A.


The U.S.A. is governed by career governors and those whose ambitions are to become career governors. They govern from Washington, D.C. They aren’t all elected. Some are appointed by others who are elected. Once they’re “in” it’s difficult to get them “out”. They’ll do anything to retain their position, prestige, and power. Their egos grow—they know what’s best for the masses they govern. For people who want to be governed and want the providence government brings, Washington is eager to provide. That’s great, except for the “fly in the ointment”—the governors want it all to themselves; always have, always will! Before you accept their invitation, be sure you want this kind of master.

I don’t. Jesus is my master and I am free.

Carl Ray

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