In My Presence

Vizsla Puppy
Seth has a dirty nose.

Seth wants to be with me all the time. To be the companion I desire, Seth needs to be with me all the time. Right now that’s not happening. We are together a very small percentage of time each day; perhaps no more than 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. Why is that? He hurts me. I have many wounds from his teeth. He hurts me.

He has many chew toys. I give him overflowing praise for good behavior. I provide him with treats when he obeys. I exercise him every day. I try hard not to reward unacceptable behavior by giving him the attention he wants. But he hurts me. I don’t have obligations that require me to be away from home so Seth has the opportunity to spend all waking moments with me. And I have ample opportunity to work with him many times throughout the day. I would like it to be that way. But he hurts me.

In many ways, this reminds me of my and God’s relationship. He made it possible for us to commune with each other as good friends and constant companions. God the Holy Spirit lives within me 24/7. But, we don’t commune with each other the way He intends and It’s my fault. My soul (intellect, will, and emotions) still has way too much authority and power. Although, the desires of my body (flesh) too often influence my soul into rationalizing that a particular behavior is okay when I should know better. In this way, Seth and I are much alike. But, there is a huge difference. I accepted Jesus the Christ as my savior.

I was born into this world with a body, soul, and spirit. I lived my life as body and soul, almost entirely. My spirit wasn’t dead in the sense we think of death, but it was, let’s say, comatose. As mentioned earlier, my soul has certain faculties. These are intellect, will, and emotions. My body has world awareness. Place me in a sensory deprivation tank and strange things will occur in my soul. My body informs my soul about the environment in which I live. My body also has its own passions and desires that my soul interprets and instructs my body’s behavior. This is where Seth is and always will be. He is completely body and soul.

This is enough for today. Please come back to see where this is going. I enjoy your company.

Car Ray

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