NEA #4

Prayer—NEA #4

Dear Father in Heaven,

To the One who sees all things, hears, all things, and knows all things, because you created all things and are above and beyond all things, I pray. To the One to whom all things obey—all things that are seen and unseen, all things great and small, the One to whom the universe listens and the One to whom even the quantum hear your voice and obey, to You, Father, I pray. All things that exist, bow in obedience—All things, except Satan, his demons, and us. Lord, I know you always hear my prayer, but I never want to take that for granted and appear ungrateful, so I thank you, Lord, for hearing this prayer today.

Father, I’m praying for the National Education Association. The NEA’s vision, mission, and intent are to use its collective powers to influence systems of education, of governments, and of bureaucracies to transform America from a nation founded on the principles of an individual’s rights and freedom of conscience into a nation of a faceless mass, slaves to the will of the state. I’m praying for everyone who receives a paycheck from that organization—for everyone from the lowest paid to the highest-paid. I don’t know the people I’m praying for today. I know some of the names of the highest-paid. I know what they look like. I know the position they hold, I know their credentials, and I know how much they are paid. They are at the top of the pay scale. But, down below their pay, I don’t know anyone, But, I know there are many, many more of them. And when I put them all together, I know this. I know they have families, they have friends, they have bills to pay, they have hopes and dreams, they have worries and fears, they have more questions than answers, and they doubt many of the answers, and they also have temptations and sins. I know all of this because they are no different than me. But, I also know this, Lord. I know you know them, inside and out, just as you know me. I’m praying for these today, Lord.

Some know only your name and they use it in vain as a common expression. Some have never heard the Gospel message. Some have been taught that it’s all by chance and that this is all there is so “eat, drink, and be merry”, “get it while you can”, “go for the gusto”, and “you only have one life and if you do it right, that’s all you need”. I pray for these, first. Satan has blinded their minds and told them lies. Satan is the spirit that is at work in their hearts. He has masqueraded as truth and they have chosen to believe him. They seek their way and have become their own gods. Lord, I stand on the battlefield for them. I am fully armed and prepared. I use Your mighty weapons to tear down Satan’s strongholds of lies and false arguments. I do this so the glorious light of the Good News can chase away the darkness in their souls and they can understand the message of the glory of Christ.

And then, Father, some will say they believe in You if asked—but they don’t know You as the one and only God. Others may say they are Christians—but they aren’t—the Holy Spirit does not live within them. Some may even attend a church on Sunday—they enjoy socializing plus the feeling it gives them. It all depends on the circumstances and situation. For some, it’s “good for business” to belong to a church. They claim to be with us but they are not a part of us. They are tares among the wheat. Father, for these I pray for the binding of the strongman in their house, so they can understand their hypocrisy, and experience true conviction of their sinful human nature. I pray for the destruction of every proud obstacle that keeps them from truly knowing You, that their rebellious thoughts will be captured, and taught to obey Christ.

But Father, I also know You have your children working at the NEA, as well, but they have, for whatever reason, put their light under a basket. Perhaps they need the job. Perhaps they are a single parent and are carrying a heavy burden. Perhaps they are close to retirement and just want to hold on a little longer. Perhaps things weren’t this bad when they first started. Perhaps they’ve already been disciplinary action and warned about talking that Christian stuff at work—that separation of faith and work policy, you know. Perhaps they feel alone in their faith. So, Lord, I pray that you would help your children find each other. I pray their spirits would identify with others of like spirit. Where two or more are gathered you have promised to be among them. They need this Lord and I pray it will happen. I pray that you will renew their energy and give them a fresh passion for You and for others, especially those they work with. I pray that when they find themselves in a dark valley, You will protect and comfort them. I pray you will feed them well in the presence of the enemy and that your blessings will overflow whatever size of cup they use. And Lord, give them a double portion of your anointing to keep all those troublesome pests away.

But especially Father put them on the battlefield at the NEA. Guide them along paths that lead to those who are weak in faith, who have been persecuted, and who have been overcome by the cares of this world. Give them a special unction of your Spirit so their light will shine in the darkness and doubt of despair. Help their words and deeds destroy all the obstacles of pride they encounter and capture any rebellious thoughts. Help your children share with them the Good News and to teach them to obey Christ—all for the honor and glory of Your name. And Lord, guide them along the path that leads to those who have been blinded by the lies, the false arguments, and ideologies of Satan. Grant them the knowledge and wisdom to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and by your power bind the strongman so they can be emptied of Satan’s garbage and filled with the newness of the Holy Spirit.

I have faith that this will happen and a change will begin to take place throughout the NEA. I have we will begin to see changes in our public education systems—our P–12th grades, in our public universities, and throughout all our systems of education. I have faith that in time changes will be seen in governments and bureaucracies: local, regional, state, and national. I have faith because You have heard my prayer. I have faith because You always hear my prayer when I pray according to Your will. I have faith because You are who You say You are. And I have faith because I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.


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