Dear Father,

When I am a wasteland
You are the water
When I am the winter
You are the fire that burns

When I am a long night
You are the sunrise
When I am a desert
You are the river that turns to find me[1]

O’Sovereign of all creation and of all nations, have mercy on me and hear my prayer. These are troubling times. These are stressful times. These are angry times. The air is filled with tension. The wiles of Satan are buried deeply in the hearts and minds of the wicked. They plot, conspire, and plan their own future of prosperity and glory. They carry out their evil deeds without restraint. They are arrogant and haughty in their pursuits. Their hearts are filled with pride. Their desires are fueled by greed. And power is their all-consuming thirst. Satan has blinded their minds and made promises he can’t keep. They turn from the Truth, believe his lies, and convince themselves that what they do is good. The path seems right to them, but it ends in destruction and death. They worship their own strength and their own creation. They believe the end justifies the means—“never let a crisis go to waste”—“the issue is never the issue”—“there is no virtue in not wanting power”. They stand atop a high mountain. They survey the world below them—and that world is bloody —littered with the innocent, the naive, and those that resisted.

Meanwhile, oh Lord, your people hide behind the “Banner of the Cross”. Outwardly, we look like righteous people, but inwardly, we are hypocrites. Many are caught up in the business and cares of this world. Many seek worldly treasures instead of Heavenly ones. Many rest atop the decaying heap of what they hold as their own. Many are easily distracted with every new crisis, soon forgetting the last one. Many view an issue as THE issue. Many trust in a false security like they did in the Jerusalem of old—Jerusalem is His city and His Temple is here—God will not let an enemy overtake it. Oh dear Lord, have mercy on your people?

Oh river of God, turn to find us for we are lost in the desert. Awaken us from the long night’s sleep with the dawn of Your sunrise. Melt the winter’s ice from our hearts with fire from the Holy Spirit. Water us from the springs of your knowledge to renewing our minds with Truth..

Revive Your Church, Lord—throughout this city burn in the hearts of your people. Within this State, burn in the hearts of your people—from ocean to ocean and from border to border burn in the hearts of your people and raise us up from the valley of dry bones in which we’ve laid too long. Breathe your breath within us and bring your people to life once again. Humble us in our own insufficiency and teach us how to pray the prayers You have not heard from America in a very long time—the sincere prayers of repentance, renewal, and revival. Prayers that will be the spark of a Great Awakening across this land—a great awakening such as the ones written about in our history but never seen in our lifetime—an awakening led by the mighty movement of the Holy Spirit. Oh Father, please I pray let us see Your Glory move…one more time.

In Jesus name.

[1] Lauren Daigle (“Love Like This”)

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