Social Justice

Dear Father,

Your judgments are true and right. You are perfect in all Your ways and everything You do is just and fair. The heavens proclaim Your justice and You, Yourself, are judge.

Father, Is it just for me to deprive bread to one person to give to another person who doesn’t need bread? Is it just when someone needs a coat but I give them shoes, instead? Is it just for me to take from one person to give to another person when it costs me nothing? Is it just for me to take from one person to give to another person when it costs me nothing but I receive personal gain from doing it? Is it just for me to require tribute from the innocent for the guilty did? I don’t think so, Father…but I could be wrong.

Help me to understand if the deeds I see happening in America today, under the banner of social justice, is justice as You see it. If it is, please help me to see it Your way. If it is not, please help me exose the injustice and to pray the proper prayer for Your justice to be done.

I wonder how the National Education Association’s ambition, “Great Public Schools”, will produce a better educated student when their efforts are targeted toward making disciples to unjust ideologies. I wonder how its justice for such a powerful association to advocate for school policies that protect a student who commits a felony against another student from being arrested and charged. I wonder how its justice when the NEA advocates for “Safe Schools” that bar police and immigration officials from school grounds. I wonder how its justice for an association, with such a powerful influence can claim to support LGBTQ youth by depriving them access to scientific evidence. I wonder how its justice for the NEA to advocate protecting Dreamers or undocumented immigrants without helping them and their family to obtain legal citizenship.

I wonder how its justice for the NEA to support an organization that claims Black-lives-matter as its sole purpose for existence, but doesn’t seem interested in Black-on-Black crime—or when a Black child is shot by a Black person—or when Black-owned businesses are looted and burned in Black neighborhoods by Black protesters—or when a Black person voices a different opinion than theirs is killed in broad daylight and others are vilified, doxed, and cancelled. I wonder if its justice when its founders use donated monies to buy expensive homes in gated communities and an empty Communist headquarters’ building in Canada.

Father, Satan is smart and he’s learned a lot over time. He doesn’t know the future, but he’s learned so much since the Beginning. His schemes are well designed, well planned, and well executed. Because he’s an eternal being and not flesh and blood, he’s patient. He doesn’t care about the violence, destruction, or misery he causes in his marches war on Your Church and Your people. The past two hundred years to the present day testify to the unfolding of his plan. In my life I have never felt his presence or seen his activity in America more than I have in the past 20 years—and now even much more so in the past five years. But then, I’ve never felt You nearer to me than in this same twenty years.

Father, in the past you’ve used evil people and evil nations to execute your discipline and judgment upon individuals and nations. You are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so I’m sure you haven’t changed. And, I know that what others have meant for evil, you have also meant for good. So I pray that if this is Your judgment on America or Your discipline on Your Church, in Your unfailing love, have mercy. And Father, if you are still granting the prayers of Your children, hear our prayers today. Father, burn within our spirits and burn Your laws upon our hearts—revive Your church unto repentance to fight the good fight of faith. Give us the strength, the energy, and the will to battle Satan and his forces—to shine bright Your light of righteousness one more time in this land where there is so much darkness. Fight our battles with those we cannot see. Help us to turn the NEA from a tool for evil into one for the good of our children and grandchildren. Help us to turn the heart of Black Lives Matter toward the truth that every life matters, from the youngest unborn to the oldest of the old. Help us to end the destruction brought on by Satan’s lies of homosexuality and gender fluidity, provide help for those who have fallen prey, and teach us how to use Your Truth and Your love to restore them to mental, emotional, and physical health. Father, help us to establish in America, Your justice, justice for all people.

I pray this prayer in Jesus name,


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