Who Is My Neighbor?

My Friend Jeanie,

Sandy Rios, host of Sandy Rios In the Morning on American Family Radio, played a piece from Joe Scarborough. In it Joe attacked evangelicals who are against wearing masks, against vaccinations, and supporting former President Trump’s approach to the COVID-19 virus. His basic premise was evangelicals, Southern Baptists specifically, had abandoned the “love your neighbor as yourself” teaching of Jesus. I would like to address that.

Mr. Scarborough, Southern Baptists have not abandoned any of the teachings of Jesus and that includes “love your neighbor as yourself”.

  • I love my neighbor, the child who is losing their education because teacher unions ignore the full guidance of science in order to expand their influence, power, and control. “Scientific” data supports the reopening of schools.
  • I love my neighbor, the teenager who watches their future dreams fade because of lost opportunities due to the enforced isolation. My heart aches for those who became so depressed they committed suicide—teenage suicide is at record high levels—this is supported by the data.
  • I love my neighbor, the child who, because of enforced isolation, is suffering abuse at home that would otherwise be reported by school staff, or would be avoided completely if they could only attend school—Based on thirty years’ personal experience in the child abuse/neglect field.
  • I love my neighbor, the school teacher who wants to return to their classroom to teach the children they love, but can’t because of the union they have been coerced into joining.
  • I love my neighbor, the adult and parent, who is not allowed to go to work, must stay home, and is unable to pay their bills, buy food to feed their families, continue to sink deeper into debt, and see possessions repossessed when they can’t make the payments.
  • I love my neighbor, who because they have no choice but to stay home is feeding their alcoholism and drug addiction, destroying their life and the lives of those around them because they aren’t allowed to go to work.
  • I love my neighbor, the business owner who has lost their business already, or are losing it because they have been forced to close or can only open partially for business. I love my neighbor, the employee who now has no income and faces an uncertain future—many are among those included already.
  • I love my neighbor, the elderly person who has given so much to me throughout my life, now losing their own life because authorities have ordered COVID-19 patients into the nursing home where they reside.
  • I love my neighbor, the elderly person, who has no one other than their family, who dies alone because family is not allowed to visit them in the hospital.
  • I love my neighbor, the American who feels helpless as they watch their freedom to worship with fellow believers as they see fit, infringed upon and sometimes denied.
  • I love my neighbor, the American who feels helpless as they see their individual right to choose the course in life they consider best for them taken away.
  • I love my neighbor, the person who has lost their right to express their opinions and state their views because of the “cancel culture” that exists in America today.
  • I love my neighbor, the doctor who wants nothing more than to help their patients but is not being allowed to provide the treatments they know are best.
  • I love my neighbor, the scientist who welcomes and accepts what they know is “true” science, but also is agnostic when presented with pseudo-science.
  • I love my neighbor, the politician who gathers information from all available sources, examines the information for agenda and partiality, and seeks out a variety of expert consultants before making public policy decisions.
  • I love my neighbor, the journalist who checks their opinion at the door, seeks facts from all informed sources, and reports the findings, not their opinion, and allows me to form my own opinion.

I have only one question for Joe Scarborough, “Who is your neighbor?”

Carl R. Evans

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