Who Is My Neighbor?

My Friend Jeanie, Sandy Rios, host of Sandy Rios In the Morning on American Family Radio, played a piece from Joe Scarborough. In it Joe attacked evangelicals who are against wearing masks, against vaccinations, and supporting former President Trump’s approach to the COVID-19 virus. His basic premise was evangelicals, Southern Baptists specifically, had abandoned the… Continue reading Who Is My Neighbor?

Almost Too Much

My Friend Jeanie, Whew! It’s been a good while since I’ve posted. The amount of activity among the evil in the unseen world is just about overwhelming. It’s not only in the USA, but it’s encircling the globe. Sadly, I admit I never thought I’d see the day when America would succumb. Unfortunately, I’m seeing… Continue reading Almost Too Much

Our Shepherd

My Friend Jeanie, During this morning’s time with Jesus, one of the devotionals I use, included a single verse from Psalm 23. After this special time was over, my reflecting on Psalm 23 continued. Memories and thoughts began to connect: sermons I’d heard, things I’d read, ideas revealed, and lessons learned. I wish to share… Continue reading Our Shepherd

Life’s Complicated

My Friend Jeanie,America is a prosperous nation. America is “a consumer society”. The idea of a “consumer society” is that our prosperity is used to purchase “goods for recreation, for creature comforts, for self-esteem, for social standing, for the country’s prosperity, and in general for Americans’ access to affluence.”1 No one can serve two masters.… Continue reading Life’s Complicated